Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Am Alive!

Guess what? I am alive! And well! Oh-so-well to be exact. As you have probably noticed the blog went into a coma when my computer stopped functioning. I won't lie...It was kind of nice to drop off the grid. But, after a final goodbye to this guy: 

{(the active and smoking) Masaya Volcano and Lake Masaya} 

I took 3 buses, 2 taxis, two plane rides and a 2.5 hour drive to get myself to Abilene to be in my good friend's wedding. I was incredibly lucky to get to take in the hospitality of new and old friends in San Jose, Denver and Abilene along the way. I won't lie though--reentry has been a bit overwhelming. After almost 2 months in Central America, the U.S. seems to move in hyper speed. Thankfully the metroplex has plenty of fine Spanish radio stations to help me ease the transition. Really I shouldn't even say transition though--I will only be here for 3 more days. On Wednesday I fly out for the rest of my trip, starting in Greece! I can't wait to meet up with couch surfing friends there and spend the week with the Logsdon group.

Anyway, there is lots of planing and errand running (and Mexican food eating) to be done before Wednesday (including hopefully picking up my computer all fixed up...) but I thought I might run through some pictures from Panama and Nicaragua while I have access to my parent's computer.


The main drag in El Valle, Panama. Absolutely lovely small town. 

La India Dormida, still in El Valle. The outline of the mountain is said to look like a sleeping indigenous girl.  

Random hearts painted on the road 

 Patacones! I am pretty sure I stopped in and ate various things from this restaurant at least once a day during my time in El Valle. 

Not a great shot, but the little zoo there had tapirs, which were odd elephant/hog/mini-rhino typed animals. 

Hi sloth! So cute! Love those guys!

I decided to hop over to a recommended small town beach, which turned out to be a difficult to get to. Once there I found out that the only lodging in town belonged to a sold out resort. I finally was directed to a dirty hotel right on the beach. It was a mess, but sufficed for one night. The silver lining was the beautiful beach. Also, the sand had sparkly specs in it, so all of the people who had been laying in the sand walked around glistening in the sun--I surprised myself by noting that they were like dark skinned vampires. (If you haven't seen Twilight, you probably won't get that. Which is probably for the better!)

Boquete, Panama!

Coffee cherry and beans. You can suck on the unprocessed beans, which taste like hard candies (but, as my guide said--don't bite it or you will get diarrhea). They also make you really hyper. 

Senor Tito! He is the owner and maker of all the coffee fun up on the coffee plantation I visited. And even though he boasts the second best coffee in all of Panama (which is saying something) he made and served us cups of coffee. We loved him. 

OK, and I give up. There are way too many pictures and stories and places to share. Maybe more installments before Wednesday. But no promises. Because like I said, the US is overwhelming...and I need a nap!


Anne Pepelko Jacobsen said...

So glad you made it back! Sorry we missed saying goodbye too. I am really enjoying your blog so keep it up :) I can travel vicariously!

Cats and Quilts said...

Senor Tito!!!!

The best!