Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anti-Pet Peeves List

I read a blog a while back where the blogger talked about all the simple things that made her happy. She noted that there is really no word to express the opposite of the tiny annoyances of a "pet-peeve" but nevertheless set out to make a list of these kind of simple moments that made her happy. I realize that I have been doing too much complaining about all my to-do list tasks lately, so I thought I would sit down and do the same. There are hundreds more, but here are a few I've come up with:

  • The feeling I get after two sips of coffee when my eyes pop.
  • The way the grass at my parent's house looks after my dad mows it.
  • Unexpected jokes (especially when it is 3rd grade/laffy taffy-esque humor!)
  • Postcards in the mail. (Or just checking the mail in general.)
  • When the perfect song for my mood comes on the radio or my ipod.
  • Driving on a traffic free freeway at twilight.
  • My Saturday morning routine of eating breakfast and reading the NYTimes' weekly travel stories.
  • 80's music and bad dance parties.
  • The look my students have when they figure out a new word in English.
  • Waking up to a chilly room and being snug under the covers.
  • Opening the door to a house that smells like food cooking (bonus if it is roast in the oven after church on Sunday).
  • A made-up recipe that comes out yummy.
  • When songs, poems or novels have really long titles. (See almost anything by Sufjan Stevens)
  • When I walk outside to realize I am having a brief moment of exceptional depth perception (...I'll probably have to explain more about that one later).
  • Wearing boots and crunching acorns.
  • When I catch myself smiling at the TV, movie, book or a random thought. (Mostly because Lindsay used to make fun of me for this.)

And honestly, I'm smiling at my computer now just thinking about all these little things. Which is probably the point. : )

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