Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I made it! I am here! And...I am going to bed!

Turns out Belgian plugs require a different adapter, so my compy has been dead for a few days now. I just got a new one, plugged it up and its ready to go.'s been a long day and I am headed to bed. Tomorrow starts early and it looks to be a full day.

But I am here! And I am loving it so far. So, just for fun, a few quick updates:

--I am horrible at refusing offers of chocolate.
--I have eaten a whole lot of chocolate.
--I have already created awkward "hello cheek kisses" moments.
--I have tasted Syrian food. It's yummy so far.
--I have learned a handful of French and Arabic phrases.
--I found my old nemesis: cobble stones. They are not friends of the clumsy.
--It has rained every night since I got here, but thankfully has only sprinkled on us once or twice during the day. Also, each morning I feel like it is going to be very cold by looking out and touching the window to be pleasantly surprised with a mild temp outside.
--I've eaten "Hawaiian" kebabs, ie. a gyro with lamb, pineapple and a thousand island-ish sauce. Tasty.

More interesting things to come...

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