Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today we got to get outside of the city a bit more. Janee had a doctor's appointment this morning in a little town just outside of Brussels. While we were out and about and had the car for the day we made a little trip over to Waterloo (the battlefield where the English and Dutch finally defeated Napoleon in 1815--for those of you who had football coaches for history teachers like I did). The town itself was cute, green and peaceful. It is amazing how everything changes when you get just a few miles outside of the capital.

Part of the battlefields

There were lots of bikers making the trip out to Waterloo, too.

William of Orange wanted to build a monument on the battlefield to mark the spot where his son was wounded in battle. Because they used almost 400,000 cubic meters of dirt to build the mound they actually ended up changing the topography of the actual battlefield quite a bit.

It was really cold and windy so we looked through the gift shop rather than climb to the top.

A look from further away.

Napoleon did get a little statue across the street--but it is obviously not that well kept (see lettering).

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