Friday, September 24, 2010

Living Quarters

In case you were wondering about where I am living...

I live in the Laken area of Brussels. It is a mostly Moroccan neighborhood not too far from the Atomium. The bottom floor of our building (there are 3 floors) is used as our English classroom as well as a few other random things--like an African church and a school. The second floor has most of the living space and then my bedroom is up on the third floor. A few pictures:

(And...I didn't bother to pick up before taking just ignore the clutter.)

I've almost bit the dust on these stairs about 17 times so far.

My bedroom

A look at the other half of my bedroom

The toilet is in a separate room (closet) from the bathroom and bedroom.

The bathroom is huge though!

The other half of it (it's even bigger than it looks)

And the best part...the view!

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