Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week in Review: Week 3

Whoa, I have been here for 3 weeks! Week in review:
  • This week Hary, Janee and I went to the Syrian/Lebanese part of town. The food from these two countries is basically the same. And delicious. We had the best pizza I have ever had. And they were 2 euros each!
  • I also had a bite of the worst olive I've ever tasted. One bite and I had a sore in my mouth for two days. Hands down the saltiest thing I have ever eaten.
  • Syrians are a lot like the British in that they love to call everyone "love." But more so. Habib and Habbibi ("love" and "my love") get thrown around a lot. When we decided we wanted yet another Syrian pizza, Hary called to the guy--Habib! Another pizza, please!
  • The greeting, Key feck habibi? (How are you my love?) cracks me up. There's not necessarily anything romantic intended, but it reminds me of some guy going, what up, baby? Which is an odd thing to say to your 60 year old neighbor.
  • While in that part of town someone asked me if I was Syrian. Close, but no.
  • Thursday I got to go to the biggest Moroccan market in town (pretty much just like being in Morocco) then walked down the block to a Flemish midwives office (for Janee, not myself obviously). Talk about culture shock.
  • This week was my first week back teaching classes. We have about 33 students registered in 3 different levels. So far they are pretty awesome.
  • As class began on Wednesday a man came by wanting to register his daughter. I was trying to explain everything to him in my crappy French (which is actually just French sounding Spanish with a few French words thrown in) when he stopped me about 5 words in and asked if I spoke Spanish. Turns out they are from the Canary Islands! Fun!
  • For one of our conversation classes we talked about things that annoy you (which is a good way to get people talking!). I realized that I do a lot of things that really annoying people.
  • Sorry.
  • إسمي لورين
  • My name is Lauren.
  • We went to visit a friend in the hospital across town and randomly came across a 14th century (?) castle.
  • Fanta's Red Berry flavor is not good.
  • Arabic orange soda tastes just like whatever it was that McDonald's used to sell when I was a kid.
  • It's getting cold. Apparently the weather report on the street is that it is supposed to rain every single day from now until spring. Awesome. We are down to low 40s already.
  • Krystal: He was not TDH.
  • I took a little break from using my free time to write papers and started thinking through post-graduation trip plans. Who's excited?!?
That's all for now. A few pictures below!

Clockwise: Cheese, Cheese, lamb, tomato and peppers, and olive oil and herb. The cheese was definitely the winner in my opinion.

We also picked up some Halawa--kind of like a soft, slightly sweet peanut brittle made out of tahini and pistachios. Or something.

Spices at the market

Why hello castle!

NOT recommended.

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