Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bit of an Introduction

OK, I've got a wee bit of time before dinner, so I thought I would throw out some introductions and a bit more from around town.

First off, this is Janee and Hary when we went to look at the Atomiam at night (we don't live to far from it).

Janee is from Illinois but has lived here for over 6 years and Hary is from Syria but he has lived here for over 10 years. (They have been married for 2.)

Hary has been trying to get his Beglian papers for a long, long time now, and finally this last week we went down to the city hall to pick up his temporary papers (his official ones will be ready in two weeks). After waiting for 10 years it was a pretty exciting moment.

As you can see.

Now for a bit more of Brussels:

This is in front of the Royal Palace where I thought I saw the princess. Turns out we are pretty sure it was just a part of a wedding party.

Part of a nice old cathedral.

There was a nice little park by the church...

With a statues of famous Belgians. This guy is the most famous--he is the one who figured out how to put the map on a globe.

This cemetery is in our neighborhood and has one of the original casts of the Thinker statues on someone's grave. It was randomly closed today, but I'll check it out again.
And finally this is the neighborhood cathedral--I can see its steeple from my bedroom window.

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